Fair_Play Charter


-Fair_Play is a network designed to promote the visibility and the valorisation of people who identify as women and/or trans, in the fields of sound creation, experimental, alternative and contemporary electroacoustic music, but also in the professions associated with these fields: scientific research, administration and techniques.

Within this framework, Fair_Play is committed to including socio-cultural minorities ignored by the dominant systems of visibility.

-Fair_Play also contributes to building tools for archiving and transmission in the field of sound creation and experimental music.


-The Fair_Play network does not defend any specific collective aesthetic. It is open to artists with their own aesthetics.

-Fair_Play denounces the prejudice of “feminine aesthetics”


-The Fair_Play Label is awarded to events – in the fields of sound creation, experimental, alternative, electroacoustic and contemporary music, but also in practices associated with these fields which justify a count of at least 50% of projects carried out by women and/or trans people.

-The projects programmed within the framework of the Fair_Play network are 100% carried by women and/or trans people.


-Fair_Play promotes inclusion, respect, tolerance, diversity, sorority, and mutual aid.

-Fair_Play supports artists, technicians and other cultural professionals who recognise themselves as women and trans victims of sexist and discriminatory behaviour, including on social networks.

-Fair_Play takes a public stand on feminist issues.


-Fair_Play is a solidarity network in which you try to give at least as much as you receive.

-Self-programming within the Fair_Play network remains balanced and relevant at the different levels of the network.

-Fair_Play has branches located in different geographical and thematic areas.

-Communication in the virtual Fair_Play network respects Netiquette and encourages inclusive writing.


Fair_Play is open not only non-mixed safe spaces, but also mixed areas, where cis men who provide active support and remain respectful in their behaviour are welcome.